1) How to use Viagra without any harm to my health?
It is rather simple! Everything you should do is to choose right dosage and follow the instruction. If you have any question about Viagra’s action in your dosage, our support always open to give you professional advice.

2) Is it possible to use Viagra after 50 years old?
Viagra is a perfect pill because it has no age frames. It is possible to use till your mind want it. The only one thing which can play a role into this question is dosage. During the age, dosage often grows up. So take care about right dosage.

3) Is it possible to offer Viagra like a gift?
We think such kind of gift is could be useful in different cases. Gift’s future owner can be a single man or a couple of your old friends – everything is possible. We can recommend presenting it for someone with a sense of humor.

4) I scared to take Viagra at the first time. What are the recommendations to provide best first-time impression?
Just follow the instruction and everything are going to be ok. If you want to be sure that your body will accept pill, just start from the smallest one dosage.

5) My girlfriend tells me that Viagra brings harm to my heart. Is it true?
This pill was made out of high-quality raw materials on the best equipment. The base was formed out of recipe which went through all possible tests. After that, we can be sure that there are no risks.

6) How to use Viagra if I want to keep result as longer as it possible?
Avoid oily food, alcohol and cigarettes. Oily food covered stomach’s walls and such kind of influence stops many processes. Alcohol and cigarettes have their own influence on the health and that’s why you should avoid them too.

7) My wife mixed Viagra with my food. What should I do?
First, it is important to know what the dosage it was. If it was your normal dosage, just relax and get your pleasure. If the dosage is too big, just concentrate on your feelings. In most of the cases, nothing wrong could happen. Drink a lot of water.

8) How to increase the dosage?
If you want to do that, the best way is a consultation in our support service. There you always can find professional support and answers which are based on the experience. But if you want to do it by yourself, just increase step by step about 10 mg.