How to Make Sexual Life Diverse and Exciting after Years of Relationship!

It’s no secret that after some years ofSexual Life life as a couple, passion gradually fades away, and one day you are surprised to find out, that your intimate life has turned into a boring routine or even a duty, which you try to avoid. If you catch yourself thinking that you’d prefer to anything else instead of going to bed with your partner, it’s a clear sign, indicating that it’s high time to change something in your life. It doesn’t mean that it’s time to buy Viagra online (given that it doesn’t enhance sex drive). If you still love your partner and want to make your intimate life as bright as it used to be, try the following techniques.

Try touching techniques

It’s a great way to enhanceSexual Life your sensuality and experience a range of new emotions without actually having an intercourse. There are a lot of such practices described on websites dedicated to sexology. Also, you may consult a sexologist and wonder about these techniques. Tell each other about your erotogenic zones (or maybe you know of them already), and let your partner caress you as you like. Then change your roles. One of the versions is erotic massage. Mastering this unique technique will bring a lot of benefits to both you and your partner. To many couples, these teasing, relaxing and at the same time, exciting strokes become the beginning of a new era in their intimate life. A good massage acts like natural Viagra, improving blood circulation, boosting arousal and enhancing sex drive.

Try different sex poses

This recommendation sounds trivial, but it really works. Sometimes, trying something new (new pose, new place, new scene) let’s look at the intimate life from another perspective. If you’re experienced lovers, who have already tried in bed everything, it may be high time for you to visit a sex shop. An interesting option is to visit an online sex shop together. Looking through an online-catalog of intimate goods, you won’t be as embarrassed as when visiting an offline store. It can be rather exciting to choose sexy clothes or toys. You’ll get a boost of adrenaline, and your sexual life will play out in fresh colors. In addition, many online sex shops offer aphrodisiacs and herbal Viagra free trial to every customer, which is also a good idea.

Do what you’ve always dreamt of

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try making sex in public (in a lift, on the roof, on the beach etc.)? Or maybe your hidden desire is to make a home video? Why notSexual Life try it. Of course, there should be a reasonable approach to everything. Try to abstain from too risky, dangerous and illegal actions. For example, if you want to try sex on the beach, try remote areas in order not to embarrass other people too much. The ideas here are endless and are limited only by your fantasy. Just remember all your secret thoughts and share them with each other. It will help to refresh your relations and make you much closer to each other.

Don’t forget of healthy lifestyle

Though it can sound boring, it is very important for your sexual health. Sex drive to a large extent depends on what life mode you’ve chosen. Physical activity combined with right nutrition and a good full-fledged sleep will strengthen your overall and sexual health, enhancing all aspects of your intimate life.