Men’s Sexual Health in America: Treatment, Problems and Positive Aspects.

Men’s Sexual Health in America: Treatment, Problems and Positive Aspects.According to the statistics, over the recent years the number of adult male Americans complaining disorders in the sphere of sexual life has grown up. The “leader” of sexual disorders is erectile dysfunction, which is associated with many other health problems typical for the modern American society. For example, ED is often a sign of CVD or a result of obesity. As the number of obese people and men suffering from cardiovascular disorders is growing, the number of men with the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is growing as well. However, specialists say that if you live in America, you are not recommended to have sexual problems. And there are reasons for this statement.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the USA

You probably know today there are some rather effective drugs for a quick relieving of ED symptoms. But while in most countries of the world you can just go to a pharmacy and buy Viagra or its analogue, in the US it is not so simple. It is one of few states in the world where totally all PDE-5 inhibitors (the group of Viagra) are available only by prescription. In practice, this means that you must visit a doctor, undergo a medical examination (sometimes you have to visit several specialists and pay for every consultation) and only after that you get a prescription and order Viagra or other brand in the pharmacy.

What about Alternatives?

One more distinctive feature of American pharmacology is a lack for cheaper options (generics) that are sold everywhere in the world. As of today, there are just no FDA-approved generics of Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. It means that all men have to order only original brands, the price for which is far from being affordable. Some men find the way out of the situation, buying generics in foreign online stores, but the risk of encountering swindlers is comparatively high there. Specialists say that in the nearest perspective generics of these world brands can appear in American official pharmacies, but as of today Americans have to spend a substantial part of their income to ED drugs.

Are there Ways to Purchase Viagra Cheaper in the US

Men’s Sexual Health in America: Treatment, Problems and Positive Aspects.The third disappointing though predictable issue is the fact that PDE-5 inhibitors are not covered with any American state insurance program. It means that you can’t hope for free coupons or even a discount for the drug that you need to maintain your sexual life. There are some bonuses for first-timers though. The manufacturers regularly have special campaigns where they offer free trial pills for testing. The details can be found on the official websites of the producers.

Another more or less real way to save some funds is to buy online in major networks. Of course, to do it you will also need a valid prescription, but you have an opportunity of encountering a special offer or a campaign from the retailer. And finally, you can look for a private insurance program that will cover your expenditures for ED drugs. But these plans, if they exist, are quite expensive too.

Some Positive Moments

Yes, American medicine is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world. But the quality of medical services is the highest too. You may be aware that Viagra and its analogues can cause rather severe residual effects. When you use high-quality original pills under the medical surveillance, the risks are minimal. If you can afford buying original Viagra or Cialis for a regular use, why look for something else. And still, the statement is true: if you live in America, you’d better not to have sexual problems.