Sensation or just a story about mistake which gives humanity ED problem decision

Once in the 1991 year, a group of scientists decided to start their tests because for a few days earlier they found one interesting active element. All experiments were about heart activity and its diseases, so when new element’s time come, everyone we wondered that it will be just another one good pill in this area, but during the experiment, something goes wrong…

Little mistake which changed the world

Tests were started from forming of a two large groups which were consisted of people with heart diseases. At the moment of experiment’s start, every member already knew doses and how to note their feelings, so everything began very fast.
The deadline was formed after two weeks since tests were started. All members who took a part in experiments turned back their notes and pills, but after calculating, scientists found that there was a lack of pills. At that moment it was rather hard to understand such act motive, and they started explanatory work. Soon they discovered that pills which stayed at the customer’s homes belonged to persons who noted that pill changed their sexual activity. This strange fact surprised them and after not a long work about analyzing of such kind statements, they decided to find an answer to this mysterious puzzle.

Next step – start all over again

In the 1991 year, medicine and pharmaceutical areas had no possibility to destroy ED and that’s why such kind of news was very pleasant. On the way of tests, there were some more difficulties. This was the case time in medicine world when humanity was so close to destroying of ED.
It was very important to make all preparations. Their results should show real situation and if everything will be alright, it meant that humanity comes into the new era.
After preparations were formed two groups, which were consisted of members with and without ED and heart problems. It was important to understand influence process because the result could be universal. Every step, which was made during tests, was noted for the history, because right after tests were started, it was clearly that science found decision about ED.
Another interesting part, in this case, played woman’s attitude. They paid attention to this problem because, in fact, this discovery could change their life too and in waiting list, which was formed right after confirmation of a pharmacy group, they took about half of places. Another one deal which was complete is a new pill’s name which mixed Latin words and waterfall’s name.
After all, tests were successfully done, comes a perfect time to start producing pills. They got a huge attention, but the company decided to get something more and as the result, appeared Viagra coupon. This little but very effective method of a trial version still popular, but at the moment of Viagra’s appearing on the counters it was a good method to introduce new pill to the audience.

This story is a great example of a situation when a little mistake could lead to the perfect result.